Mindful Schools Testimonials


 I feel that this helped to calm my classes down and get them focused for the lesson ahead. Many students shared that they used mindfulness to help with everyday situations in life. 

- Jenn R., Technology Teacher

 This is a priceless tool for all students and teachers to have to cope with everyday life. 

- Diane K., 5th Grade Teacher

I would definitely recommend your program to other schools as students often have much anxiety, and this is a great program they can take ownership of, which allows them to help control how they are feeling. 

- Peggy S., 5th Grade Teacher

Living Mindfully Testimonials


The course offers an excellent balance of theory & practice, with both instructional sections and a good deal of guided meditations.  Margo’s guided meditations were powerful and transformative. 

- Naomi K.

Margo is a great facilitator and listener. Her years of meditation experience enable her to bring deep insights and personal reflection to each class discussion.

- Dan K.

With daily practice I am now better able to let go of the negative thinking that had been holding me back. I have enhanced relationships with the people in my life that matter to me.  

- Bonnie C.  

Letting go of goals and expectations was the small but profound shift that allowed me to find a more positive frame of mind.  

- Melanie R.

Her extensive experience, as an educator in secondary and higher education, makes her eminently qualified as an inspiring teacher and mentor.  

- Jaci W.