Meditation & Mindfulness Instruction, Presentations, and Workshops

About Peaceability


The Value of Mindfulness and Meditation

In a world that feels increasingly chaotic and divisive, meditation provides a path home to your true peaceful and compassionate self. The benefits of incorporating a consistent meditation and mindfulness practice into daily life can include, among other things, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety, improved memory, focus and brain health, more effective pain management and enhanced relationships.    


Meet Margo Kernen

I am a highly experienced meditator and meditation teacher, a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. I am trained in the Mindful Schools Curriculum and can provide age appropriate instruction to grades K-12. A Koru Teacher-In-Training, I am earning certification in a meditation program specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging adults. A lifelong professional educator, I hold a BS in Secondary Education, an MS in Community Counseling, and have completed extensive doctoral work in Conflict Resolution Education at The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio. I currently reside in Kent, Ohio with my husband Bob and our dog Aiden.  


What I Offer

Having devoted many years to developing a personal meditation and mindfulness practice, studying meditation in its many forms, as well as becoming certified to teach mindfulness in a variety of settings, I am able to offer a wide range of services. From individual and group sessions, to workshops and presentations tailored to the needs of your organization, to classes for all ages, I am passionate about sharing these valuable, life-changing skills with you.